Don’t be a fireman

Do you constantly find yourself in urgent situations or always having to respond to emergencies? Is there never really a plan that you adhere to? Does your lifestyle consist of 'winging it' more often than not? Perhaps you do have a measure of success, but it's only because you have become good at throwing 'hail marys' and things tend to eventually work out ok despite your lack of discipline.

This message is for you. You, sir, have become a fireman. Your life consists of putting out fires and only responding to the urgent. Bluntly speaking, you will not win if you only respond to fires. There are far too many amazing and essential things that need your attention other than emergencies. If a car owner only responds to emergencies, they don't get oil changes. They replace engines because of blown rods. They don't inspect brakes. They replace pads, shoes, rotors, AND calipers because 'that squeaky noise' would magically go away when they 'turned the radio up' while driving.

Being the occasional fireman is expected. If being one is your lifestyle (and it's not your occupation or career choice), your long-term potential could take a hit unless you make some changes.

Fortunately for you, I have some suggestions. Enjoy this short video.