it's ok to breathe! Actually, I highly recommend it...

While on vacation last week, I realized that often we men rarely ever make time to relax. We've been trained to grind, work hard and to fight--ALWAYS! If we're not careful, we'll blindly go through life tense, frustrated or worse-- angry.

Fellas,  we don't have to live this way. There is something we CAN do to change our experience.  We can simply choose to BREATHE. 

Yep. I said it. BREATHE. 

Taking a breath, relaxing a bit and letting our guards down is a vulnerable move--but it's a necessary one. I have found that when we slow our lives down long enough to relax and release some of the things that have caused us tension we discover a fresh perspective. We realize that our lives are actually full of options, not opposition. We find that we don't have to constantly defend ourselves from the undesirable, instead, we can give ourselves permission to embrace new possibilities. 

Well gentlemen (and the ladies peeking in), as you can tell, my vacation has caused me to be quite reflective.  I strongly recommend taking time to get away from the hustle of the everyday grind so that you regroup, recalibrate and revisit your life from a refreshed point of view. 

One breath can literally shift your perspective. Try it. It's simple. BREATHE.