I want to say THANK YOU to all the parents who joined us at May's edition of ManUP! Live. To all the youth who joined us as well. Thank you for the courage of being transparent and vocal about what you needed and how we as adults can help you. There are way too many emails and DM's of gratitude from both parents and teens to highlight, but I will highlight this one from a teen boy:

'I was the guy in the Chicago Bulls shirt I heard every single word y'all were saying I'm a young 13 year old boy thanks for changing my life today I will be great'

And this one from a father:

Mr Bowe me my son and my wife were at the Man Up program today....it blessed me but it also showed me how short I've come to be a great father and husband....I wasn't shown how to be a man or dad my dad didn't pour into me and I don't want my son and wife to suffer because of my lack of training....I wanna be better...reach out to me I'm 47 and I would love to be poured into so I can break this terrible cycle!!! I met you afterwards but I could barely speak cause the pain was swelling up in my eyes and I didn't want to break down....Dad looking for help

A big shout out of thanks for the masterful presentations of both Alduan Tartt and Jackie Brewton. They were nothing short of brilliant! It really does take community to make this whole thing work and it begins with men. Join the community by visiting ManUPCommunity.org

Together we ... ‪#‎ManUP‬